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Little Girl Having An Eye Exam


With one in five children experiencing an undetected problem with their vision making sure they have the best eye care available is more important than ever.


We are a proud child-friendly practice and ensure that all aspects of our service are comfortable and effective for children; this includes eye tests designed with the special needs of children in mind, a range of glasses and contact lenses for children and a dispensing team who are experts at helping kids pick out their frames. 

Myopia Management


Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness, is a condition that decreases vision at long distances. The condition is increasingly common in children and not only causes difficulties with visual development but can have other eye health consequences as well.


New lens technology helps to control the progression of myopia while correcting vision.


We offer MiSight contact lenses and Miyosmart spectacle lenses so we can correct our young patients’ vision in a way that works for them.  

For more information about Myopia, or to ask about our Myopia management options, please do not hesitate to contact our team. 

Childrens Glassess


Children have a special set of needs when it comes to glasses. Whether they’re looking for a stylish new design or just want something comfortable, we’ll be able to help them find a quality pair of glasses that look good and feel good. We offer an assortment of glasses curated to appeal to different personalities and needs so everybody can find something they’ll love.  



Regular eye examinations are key to a child’s good vision.


Children often will not notice they have decreased vision, which is why regular eye examinations are recommended for all children under 16. Not only will this catch any vision loss, but common eye conditions can also be diagnosed allowing them to be treated or managed early on. 


Eye health is so important for children that the NHS ensures that eye examinations are completely free for children under 16 and teenagers in full-time education under the age of 19. 

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