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Eyewear Selection At Stoker of Buxton


Our eyewear selection has been curated to bring you designs you’ll love. A good pair of glasses should offer a combination of comfort, style and perfect vision and we source our glasses from brands that do just that.


We understand that everybody wants something specific from their glasses so we make sure to stock plenty of options so you can find the right pair for you.  


Eyewear styling isn’t just about finding a fashionable pair of frames. It’s about pairing frames with your unique look and lifestyle. Our dispensing team are experts at giving you a selection to meet your specific needs.


The selection includes frames designed for particular activities including sport and travel, so we can find something to suit even our most adventurous customers.  

Eyewear Styling Appointment At Stoker of Buxton


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Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be life-changing, especially for people with prescriptions. With our range of prescription sunglasses, you’ll never have to sacrifice vision when enjoying the sun. Our wide selection of frames means you can always find your favourite outdoor look.  

The lenses are the most crucial part of a pair of glasses. Our priority is making sure your spectacle lenses give you clear, undistorted vision. With that in mind, we source our lenses from the best manufacturers with the latest designs and materials available.

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